Q:  What is the Dads’ Club and what do you  do?
A:   The Carey Dads’ Club is a non-profit 501c3 organization set up to improve  the high school experience for our students at H. Frank Carey High School.  We raise funds through various fundraising events that allow us to support 20+ scholarships and awards for  graduating seniors.  We also support the many different clubs and student events at Carey on a group and individual basis throughout the school year.

Q:  How can I volunteer with the Dads’ Club and become a member?
A:  Everyone is welcome to join and volunteer at the Dads’ Club. The annual membership for an entire family is $20.  We are always in need of friendly people who want to support our great school and serve the community. You may register your membership and pay annual dues in minutes at our website’s main page.

Q:  Is the Dads’ Club just for Dads?
A:   No. The Dads’ Club has lots of Moms; not to mention, Alumni, Faculty, Administrators, community members and local business owners.  As a matter of fact, the Dads’ Club “Dad” of the year in 2012 was a Mom.

Q:  What will I have to do when I become a member?
A:    Have fun!   Volunteering with the Dads’ Club could mean working the famous Carey Dads’ Club Shack; helping to build the set for the next school play; setting up for our Night at the Races; planning the next golf outing; or flipping pancakes at the Homecoming Breakfast… just to name a few.  
If a behind the scenes role is more your style, simply being a supportive parent and an active paid member by attending our membership meetings and sharing ideas and resources is great too.  Trust us, we have a job for everyone and welcome all the help we can get.  

Q:  Do I have to attend the Dads’ Club monthly meetings?
A:   There is no requirement to attend the monthly meetings, although we hope that you will.  Our meetings are typically held on the first Thursday evening of every month during the school year.  The meetings usually run about one hour and are filled with important updates about your student’s school and activities we are working on. Very often 
we have special guests that include our School Principal, Department Chairpersons, teachers, clubs, bands, teams, etc.  Oh, and we sometimes have some good food to eat! 

Q:  Does the Dads’ Club support more than just school sports?
A:   Yes, and that is something we are very proud of. Over the years we have grown and expanded our reach to support numerous clubs in Carey as well as special projects that our students are involved with.  Supporting our various sports teams is just a small part of what we do.

Q:  Can I work in the “Dads’ Club Shack”?
A:   “The Shack” is a popular choice for our members to volunteer their time.  We can always use volunteers. There is a lot of advanced preparation and planning that occurs to get “The Shack” ready for game days. We can always find a job for those who want to help. Speak with one of our Board Members and they can let you know how you can help.

Q:  Does the Carey Dads’ Club accept monetary donations as well as goods and services? 
A:   We sure do!  Donations are always welcome and an important part of our fund raising efforts.  Also, our vast network of members and outside supporters often donate goods and services that are useful to our Club and school. If you think you may know a company or individual interested in partnering with the Dads’ Club or making a contribution, please direct them to one of our Board Members.  

Q:  So how do I sign up and join the Carey Dads’ Club?
A:    It’s simple…come to our next monthly meeting, fill out a membership form and pay the $20 annual membership fee. You can also register and pay online by credit card by visiting our website at www.careydadsclub.com.  If you still have questions, contact one of our Board Members and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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