Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Carey Dads’ Club Family,

As we enter the holiday season, we want to share some basic precautions to ensure you and your family remain safe. As you shop or attend events, we encourage you to remain prepared to respond quickly and appropriately in emergency situations.  Below are some tips:

  •    Before leaving home, consider putting house lights on a timer and periodically change the lights you leave on.  Pick up all newspapers, mail and other deliveries before leaving. Tell family members the approximate time you will be returning home.

    ·        In shopping malls and other venues, make a mental note of the various exits and quickest routes to them. The door you initially entered may not be the nearest exit. Note locations of the nearest security personnel.

  •    Shop with a buddy – you are less of a target when there is someone else with you. Do not carry unnecessary amounts of cash, record your credit card numbers, and keep your pocketbook in front of you.
  •    If you’re shopping with children, take a picture of them with your phone before you leave home so you have an updated photo of exactly what they’re wearing. Speak with your children about a meeting plan in case you get separated.
  •    Only use ATMs that are in well-lit and busy areas. Be aware if someone is too close to you – move to another ATM if it appears someone may “shoulder surf” to acquire your PIN. Never throw ATM receipts away at the ATM location, as account numbers on these slips may expose you to identity theft.
  •    Park in well-lit areas and keep your car doors locked and windows rolled up. Avoid parking next to vans, trucks or other large vehicles that restrict your view and block others’ view of you.
  •    Keep your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. Check the back seat, and inspect around and under the car before unlocking the door.
  •    Do not carry large amounts of merchandise at one time. Make frequent trips to your vehicle to get rid of shopping packages and move the vehicle to a different location, if possible. Secure all packages in the trunk or hidden behind the back seat if there’s no trunk so they are not in plain view.
  •    Drivers may follow you in a parking lot to get your parking spot. However, be extra cautious of vans following or parked next to you, particularly those with a sliding door. If you notice a car following you, turn and walk in the other direction. Don’t approach a vehicle too closely if a stranger asks for directions or tries to engage in conversation. Trust your instincts – if you feel uncomfortable, leave the area.
  •    In the event of a crisis situation that calls for a mass evacuation, you need to protect your head and chest in the event of a stampede. Keep your forearms out in front of you, fists in front of your face and forearms parallel to your chest. Try and stay on your feet; walls can help you to maintain your balance and lead you to an exit. If you fall and can’t get back up, curl up into a tight ball, protecting your face, head and midsection.

We hope you found these tips and reminders to be useful. As is often the case with personal safety and security, common sense and situational awareness very often can make the difference between a happy outcome and a less than desirable one!

Turkey and Ham Giveaway Winners

At Novembers Meeting, the Carey Dads Club gave away 2 turkeys and two hams. People in attendance were given a ticket for random drawings at the end of the evening. The turkey winners were Joel DiGilio and Pat Adamo. The ham winners were Karine McGuiness and Steve Tupper.

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